Gentics Mesh plans: How they work and how to buy

You are convinced Gentics Mesh is helping you to build and deliver websites and web applications faster and cheaper for your customers? You want to buy one of our Gentics Mesh plans and you are not sure how they work?

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Gentics Mesh Free - as long as you are not getting paid

Gentics Mesh plans are pretty straight forward. As long as your Gentics Mesh project isn´t productive you can use Gentics Mesh Free - which you can download and use (not surprisingly according to its name) for free. So you can test it as long as you like. You only have to switch to another plan if your project is becoming productive and you getting paid by your customer.

Gentics Mesh Lite and Medium

If you are ready to leave the sandbox, you have to decide which Gentics Mesh plan is right for you.
All plans are monthly product subscriptions. Every plan allows for an unlimited numbers of projects built with Gentics Mesh. The number of named Gentics Mesh users is depending on your selected plan.

Therefore the intented numbers of Gentics Mesh users will determine which Gentics Mesh plan is the right one for you. With "Gentics Mesh Lite" you can use it with up to 3  named Gentics Mesh users, if up to 10 users are active within Gentics Mesh, our plan "Medium" is perfect for you.

As long as you paying the monthly subscription fee you have the right to use Gentics Mesh, obtaining updates and using Gentics Mesh support.  

Going big? Get Gentics Mesh Enterprise

If you want to use Gentics Mesh with more than 10 Gentics Mesh users send us an inquiry, we are happy to make you an offer suited for your needs and projects.

How to buy Gentics Mesh plans

Just send as an inquiry by using the form on You´ll get an offer within two days. After ordering you´ll receive an invoice for the monthly subscription fee. You can cancel a Gentics Mesh plan at any time by sending us an email.

The Gentics Mesh license terms covering all plans are online available on

Getting support

Gentics Mesh plans also includes basic support on best effort base for all active Gentics Mesh subscriptions. Support tickets can be opened by sending an email to

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