Getting Started Guide


Oracle Java Runtime 1.8.0_40 or newer is required to run Gentics Mesh.
  1. Download Gentics Mesh from into an empty folder

  2. Start the JAR-file by executing java -jar mesh-demo-X.X.X.jar

  3. Point your browser to http://localhost:8080/mesh-ui/ to reach the Mesh Admin UI


Run Gentics Mesh by executing java -jar mesh-demo-X.X.X.jar. All neccessary configuration files and directories will be created and an AngularJS demo project is deployed automatically.

Once the demo setup is completed you will be able to access the following urls

Demo Credentials

  • Admin: admin/admin

  • Editor: editor/editor

  • Webclient: webclient/webclient


Once the Mesh setup is complete, a demo application will be automatically deployed to the install location under the demo folder. This demo app is accessible at http://localhost:8080/demo/, and is intended as a simple example of how Mesh can be used.

The app is composed of static files and can therefore be edited in place. The two JavaScript files which make up the app contain in-line documentation to help you get started.