Long-Term Support


Once your project is mature, regularly upgrading to new feature releases just to receive bug fixes and security updates can be a burden for you. This is why we decided to provide our users with another option: Long-term support (LTS) releases provide you with a stable and secure upgrade path for your Gentics Mesh projects, while minimizing the risks involved. These releases do not contain new features; instead only bugfixes and security updates will be included.

Long-term support releases are only available for customers of a Product Maintenance subscription. Of course, all bugfixes and security updates are made available to the open source community as well, as part of the latest feature release.

Support Length

For customers of a product maintenance subscription, feature releases are supported for one year after its initial release date.

Maintenance and security updates

For every supported feature release, we regularly release hotfixes with the goal to:

  • fix security vulnerabilities

  • fix high-impact bugs

  • fix bugs with substantial benefit and low risk

We do not introduce new features with these releases.


You can access the changelog for releases that are only available for customers of a product maintenance subscription on the LTS Changelog page.


Download access is restricted and can be obtained via a Product Maintenance subscription.

Maven / Downloads

The releases can be downloaded via the commercial maven repository

Docker Images

  • Server: docker.apa-it.at/gentics/mesh:VERSION

  • Demo: docker.apa-it.at/gentics/mesh-demo:VERSION