Get the comfort of a headless CMS with all the features of a full blown CMS

Open-source software under Apache License v2.0

Automatic navigation menus

Unbreakable links - automatic link resolving

Create custom and reusable content components for rich & dynamic layouts

Scalable and built for clustering

User management for your apps

Gentics Mesh is built to speed-up deployment and development.

Built-in features for editors


Multi-language for content, media and user profiles

Translate and localise all your content - even your images, documents and user profiles. Define a fallback language and minimize your β€œPage not found” hits.


Dynamic Navigation Menus and Breadcrumbs

No hard-coded routes! Organise your content in a content tree structure and leverage the power of automatic navigation menus and breadcrumbs without developer intervention!


Custom content components for rich & dynamic layouts

YouTube videos, image galleries, Google maps, quotes, nested structures etc. Design micronodes and mix’n’match for creating rich content.


Pretty URLs and unbreakable links

Deliver your contents through pretty URLs and lean back as Gentics Mesh automatically resolves your links to fetch the right content items without further ado from you or your developer.


Revision History for your Contents & Media Assets

Want to find out who made a change? Need to restore a previous version of your content? Full versioning tracks all of your changes made to your content and media assets.


100% Data Ownership

Choose to self-host Gentics Mesh and retain total control and 100% ownership of your data. Or cloud-host with us and get the same 100% data ownership, while comfortably leaning back and letting us do the rest.

Built-in features for developers


No Setup - No Dependencies

Just download a single JAR file and get right down into frontend development using your favourite technologies. Gentics Mesh comes with an embedded graph database. No need to setup a extra database.


Open Source

Gentics Mesh is free to be used in any project of your choice: personal blog, business critical app. Enjoy maximum freedom with Gentics Mesh being licensed under Apache License, Version 2.0.


User-Management for your Apps

No need for doing user management in your app! Gentics Mesh comes with extensible user profiles and provides you with secure authentication and authorization on top of roles & permissions.


Complete RESTful API

Tired of not being able to manipulate certain aspects of your CMS? The RESTful API allows you to invoke CRUD operations on ANY Gentics Mesh element - including user management and file upload.


Elasticsearch Support

Gentics Mesh comes with direct support for Elasticsearch. Your content will automatically be ready for queries, of course protected by our permission system.



Get what you asked for - nothing more! Enjoy using the GraphQL API as an efficient alternative to the RESTful approach for fetching content with a minimum JSON payload. Specify what fields should be retrieved and get deeply nested data sets.


Roles & Permissions

Keep your content safe! Manage who gets access to what content, images and documents with roles and permissions.


Linear Scalability

Our architecture allows for linear scalability so your application is able to grow along with your demands.