Gentics Mesh Premium Features

We offer a range of Gentics Mesh Premium Features, which have been developed by our developer core team. They extend the extensive set of features, which is already included in the main product.

Every Gentics Mesh Premium Feature can be licensed independently. When you purchase a 12 month subscription for one feature, you receive for 12 months updates and product maintenance from the date of purchase. After this period if wanted, you can renew your license to receive further updates and product maintenance.

Gentics Mesh Comment Plugin

This plugin provides an API which can be used to create, read, update, delete, publish, approve and reject comments.

Gentics Mesh Like Plugin

This plugin allows logged-in users to like and rate content.

Gentics Mesh Favorite Plugin

This plugin adds an API to manage favorite nodes for each logged-in user.

Gentics Mesh Keycloak Plugin

This plugin adds Keycloak / Red Hat SSO integration support to the Gentics Mesh API

Gentics Mesh Must Read Plugin

This plugin makes sure that users have read certain nodes.

Gentics Mesh CLI

Give your admins a performance boost with a commandline interface for Gentics Mesh.

Gentics Mesh Helm Chart

The best way to install, manage and upgrade Gentics Mesh in a Kubernetes cluster.

Gentics Mesh Search Plugin

Adds high-level API endpoints to perform search, did-you-mean and autocompletion without having to deal with ElasticSearch queries in your application.

SQL storage for Gentics Mesh

Have a will to use either your existing SQL database as a storage for Gentics Mesh, or just more familiar with SQL databases? Take a look here.