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Gentics Mesh

The API-first CMS created with developers in mind: start creating immediately using your favourite technologies.


Get started in seconds, not days: No setup required! Just download a single JAR file and get right down into frontend development using your favourite technologies.


Securely store your data, fully version controlled, in in multiple languages. No more content freezes! Prepare contents ahead of time in content releases (coming June 2016).


Scalable performance without committing to an output channel. Our architecture allows for linear scalability so your application is able to grow along with your demands.

Free development and evaluation

Try for free for an unlimited evaluation and development period. Prod and poke all you like until you are sure! Pick a plan that suits you before you launch your project.


For development and testing

$ 0,- /Month


1 User

Sorry, no Support


For small projects

$ 89,- /Month

3 Users

Basic Support


For more ambitious projects

$ 189,- /Month

10 Users

Basic Support

Buy Gentics Mesh


For big projects with unlimited users

Custom Support, Premium SLAs, all the bells & whistles


Data-driven Apps made easy with Vert.x and Gentics Mesh

We recently contributed an enhancement released in Vert.x 3.4.0 which allows building template-based web apps more easily with Vert.x as part of the frontend stack together with Gentics Mesh in a headless CMS setting.

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