LTS Changelog

The LTS changelog lists releases which are only accessible via a commercial subscription. All fixes and changes in LTS releases will be released the next minor release. Changes from LTS 1.4.x will be included in release 1.5.0.

1.4.12 (17.07.2020)

Clustering: The cluster coordinator will now detect changes caused by the OAuth token mapping and will redirect the request if necessary. Thus this change allows the use of the CUD mode when using request coordination in combination with authentication plugins.

Clustering: When using the cluster coordinator, forwarded requests will now contain the X-Mesh-Forwarded-From header.

1.4.11 (23.06.2020)

Plugins: A potential resource leak could cause thread exhaustion when using new REST Clients for each request. This has been fixed now.

1.4.10 (12.05.2020)

Plugins: Fixed an error which was triggered when trying to un-deploy a not yet deployed plugin.

Plugins: Fixed a bug in the plugin registration process in which plugin deployments would fail due to timeouts in clustered environments.

1.4.9 (07.05.2020)

Plugins: The plugin registration process was changed. Plugins will now no longer be directly registered when deployed. Instead the plugins will remain in a pre-registration status util Gentics Mesh is able to deploy them. This is especially useful when running plugins in clustered mode. Plugins will only be registered once the write quorum has been reached. Additionally the plugin deployment process will now utilize a lock in clustered mode to prevent concurrent deployments of plugins. The plugin status was added to the plugin endpoint response.

Clustering: The write lock was removed from the DELETE /api/v2/admin/plugins/:id and POST /api/v2/admin/plugins endpoints to prevent potential deadlocks.

1.3.4 (11.05.2020)

Microschema migrations since version 1.2.0 are very likely to cause a loss of data in nodes that contain micronodes of the migrated schema. This bug has been fixed in this version. At the first start with this version or higher, Gentics Mesh will try to restore affected nodes in projects with a single branch. However, because some data cannot be restored, we advise to restore a backup of a moment before the microschema migration, if possible. We apologize for the inconvenience.