Basic Developer Training

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Course Details


Software Developers, Software Engineers, Data Architects, System Administrators, DevOps teams,


2 Days | 7 hours per day


No prior knowledge of Gentics Mesh required


  • Laptop (Linux, Windows, Mac)

Course Summary

This instructor-led course is conducted by an experienced trainer from the Gentics Mesh core team and provides a strong foundation for developing solutions based on Gentics Mesh. After getting an introduction to headless CMS, participants will gain knowledge in architecture design, available implementation options and recommended best practices.

The participants need the following skills and prerequisites to successfully complete this training:

  • one notebook for each participant

  • ability to run docker images locally

  • minimum of 8 GB of RAM (Linux) or 12 GB of RAM (Windows, Mac)

  • 30 GB of available disk space

The training is designed to be independent of programming languages, but a profound knowledge in modern web development is necessary. If the participants share knowledge in a common technology stack, the training may be adapted accordingly.

A training room with the following equipment is required for the training:

  • projector or large screen

  • fast and unlimited internet access for each participant and the trainer

If such a training room is not available, we can provide one at our headquarters.

Topics Covered

  • Headless CMS Intro
  • Getting Started with Gentics Mesh
  • GraphQL
  • Content Model
  • Best Practices