DevOps Training

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Course Details


System Administrators, DevOps teams,


2 Days | 7 hours per day


Basic understanding of Gentics Mesh is recommended


  • Laptop (Linux, Windows, Mac)

Course Summary

This instructor-led course is conducted by a member of the Gentics DevOps team. It will provide an extensive introduction to all topics regarding installation, configuration, deployment, monitoring and updating single-node and clustered Gentics Mesh installations.

The participants need the following skills and prerequisites to successfully complete this training:

  • one notebook for each participant

  • ability to run docker images locally

  • minimum of 8 GB of RAM (Linux) or 12 GB of RAM (Windows, Mac)

  • 30 GB of available disk space

The training is designed to be independent of programming languages, but a profound knowledge in modern web development is necessary. If the participants share knowledge in a common technology stack, the training may be adapted accordingly.

A training room with the following equipment is required for the training:

  • projector or large screen

  • fast and unlimited internet access for each participant and the trainer

If such a training room is not available, we can provide one at our headquarters.

Topics Covered

  • Local Installation
  • Configuration
  • Docker Deployment
  • Deployment with Kubernetes
  • Deployment in AWS
  • Monitoring with Prometheus
  • Rolling Updates
  • Content Deployments / Content Staging